About F.I.S.H.

F.I.S.H. (Fish International Sourcing House) is an international group of seafood companies and producers with a mission to provide a diverse range of quality assured seafood products sourced and produced from all over the world to our customers. Headquartered in Singapore, our companies import, export, process and distribute high quality fresh and deep frozen seafood products .

Boasting cutting-edge innovative processing techniques, FISH continually seeks to identify and develop new products to meet changing makes demands. The company is widely recognised for its diversified range of superior quality


Fish is an international company. WE source and supply globally.

Wide Variety

Wide variety of high quality fish products are available. Tasty Marlin, Moonfish, Mahi Mahi, Golden Pompano with their all preserved taste.


Quality, quality quality! Adopting the latest technology and maintaining strict quality standards and controls, we supply only safe seafoods.

International Presence

F.I.S.H. is an international platform of seafood business. Singapore based headquarter working with cooperation of multinational seafood companies all over the world.

Business of F.I.S.H.

F.I.S.H offers a great business portal of freeze and preserve sea products. Main focus of business is import, export, processing and procuring of seafood with preserving their quality as well as taste. Doing business with cooperation of all multi country based seafood companies and provide best sea products to their customers. USA, EU, Japan, China, Australia, South America, Africa, Middle-east and East Asia are main countries for business and supply of Fish products by F.I.S.H.


Obtain and sustain sea products with all high quality procedures. We follow standard procedures to procure and sustain sea product for maintaining quality, taste and health assured.


Processing and handling the sea product is little tough, due to maintain its quality. We assured to follow all standard procedure for processing Fish Food. Processing of sea product involves preserving, sustaining, distributing, identifies best product and communicate in public.


Import the seafood is incredible in fish business. We import seafood product from our cooperating seafood resource companies throughout the world. Main countries for importing sea products are China, Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan, Dubai and export to the other customer countries.


Our main focus is to export best quality product to our customer countries not only to develop trust but also concern to their public health. We export our product after assure the quality of product and measure all standard.


Distributing seafood with all standard measure is done by only F.I.S.H. As we are dealing to import and export throughout the world so we follow all quality assure measurements for distribution of sea product.

F.I.S.H is not a single country platform but it’s a multinational company. Headquarter of F.I.S.H is based in Singapore and their different branches with factories are working throughout the world. Main offices and factories are established in Malaysia, China, Japan, Brunei, Dubai and Taiwan.

Our business spread in many countries and distribute sea product in all over the world. International reach of our product is to main countries like USA, Japan, South American, Europe, Australia, Middle East, China, Africa and East Asia. We have develop trust to customer from our product quality and our reach.