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Welcome to F.I.S.H.

From seafood lovers to seafood lovers

About Us

Fish International Sourcing House (F.I.S.H.) Group is an energetic and passionate group of seafood producers providing an exceptional range of fish and seafood products. With an experience of more than 5 decades spanning two generations, access to the major fishing grounds, a vast global supplier network and 5 processing facilities in Asia, FISH is dedicated to supply global markets with the purest, freshest and best quality seafood.


To exceed our customers’ expectations in sustainability, food safety, quality, supply, innovation and service.
Mission: To responsibly harvest and add value to natural marine resources, in order to exceed customer expectations, whilst providing sustainable employment and positively impacting the communities and stakeholders we serve.


“Better fish for TOMORROW.“ Our concept of sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own. We buy from responsible and sustainable fishing companies so that we will have fish tomorrow. It’s fundamental to respect the sources where we obtain our seafood and allow continuity of our business. At FISH, our priority is making responsible decisions to meet our clients’ seafood demands while being responsible to protect the environment and food supply of future generations.


“We know fish.” Our experience allows us to fulfill our customers’ expectations in every step of the process. We know where, when and how our seafood products are harvested, processed and delivered to our customers. Our know-how in frozen food logistics around the world, our procurement understanding and strong network of suppliers work altogether towards achieving efficiency and simplification.


“Seafood you can trust.” Quality must not be compromised. It is our religion, our mantra, our conviction! We have strict quality sourcing and sustainability standards that result in a high level of control over product quality and guarantees product integrity. We maintain a fully traceable supply chain from harvest to our customers. We have attained globally recognised certifications like HACCP, ISO22,000, MSC, BRC, ASC, Halal, etc.

Global Reach:

Our company has built close relationships with an extensive network of highly qualified fishing companies and seafood suppliers worldwide, allowing us to deliver fresh and frozen seafood in an efficient and cost-effective way. We currently work with 91 countries and are proud to offer a global sourcing service.

Excellence in Service:

“Experience FISH” At FISH, we are committed to providing superior customer service by connecting with trust and respect. We provide solutions by listening and keeping a close follow-up to provide precise and immediate information; by this we ensure consistency, product integrity and traceability. Our strong customer focus is the key to success.


“Seafood Innovated.” We strive to be creative, constantly innovating ourselves and our business. We invest heavily in R&D to upgrade our production processes, improve product quality and invent new products to meet changing consumer’s expectations. We have introduced a kid-friendly range, ready to cook (RTC) and ready to eat (RTE) products for the convenience of the modern family. More new and exciting products to come.

F.I.S.H. Worldwide

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F.I.S.H. business deals with sea products like import and export, procuring, processing and distributing the best quality of frozen seafood. Our main clients includes USA, EU, Japan, China, Australia, South America, Africa, Middle-east and East Asia. We export and do business with all these countries after getting trust of their concern teams. Some buyers review are as follow:

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